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LG G6 to be announced at MWC, 26 February, while Samsung Galaxy S8 to be announced April 21

After the Samsung Galaxy note 7 exploding saga that rocked last year, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to make sure such disaster doesn't re occur on the upcoming S8 and this has really raised the bar for the upcoming Samsung's flasghip Galaxy S8 as it currently one of the most anticipated smarphones for this year.
Although there hasn't been an official date from Samsung as to when the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be announced, but reports from South Korean media suggests that it will be announced on the 21st of April.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 was supposed to be announced a week earlier in South Korea, the source claimed that adjustment has been made to the date. 

A high-profile official for a carrier in South Korea also confirmed that the release date of the flagship Galaxy S8 has been shifted from April 14 to April 21, majorly due to the size of supply.
Aside the Galaxy S8, one other smartphone to look out for this year is the LG G6. This is the LG's upcoming flasghip device that is expected to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S8.
Unlike the S8, the LG G6 will be announced on the 26 of February at the MWC 2017, but the pre order will be between March 2 and March 9 while the smartphone itself will be available for purchase starting from March 10.

Even though the LG G6 will be available almost a month before the Samsung Galaxy S8, the S8 is still most likely to make more sales considering the brand's already fan base. Let's just wait and see how well LG pulls it off this year.

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