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Latest GBoard Update for iOS Gets Voice typing, more language support and more

For the iOS users who favourite the Google keyboard also known as Gboard on their iPhone, I have good news for you. A new update is now available for the Gboard on iOS and it comes with some really new cool features and improvements.
The biggest highlight for GBoard new update is the voice typing option which is now available for iOS users. Instead of typing, now you can dictate your message to the GBoard app by holding down the space key until you are prompted to speak.
Google has also added support for 15 new languages in the latest GBoard update. The languages include, . Using any of this new languages is very easy, all you need do is to launch the GBoard app, go to languages >> add language.

Google doodles has also been integrated in the latest GBoard update. You can now check out the doodle of the day and also search some extra info on it by clicking on the Google logo in the top left corner of the GBoard animate.

Support for emoji has also been greatly improved on Google's GBoard as users can now search and send all iOS 10 supported emojis.

This latest update is expected to rollout to iOS users in few days time and it will be in batch, so if you don't receive the update on time then you have to wait until you get the notification.

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