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Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to root and install Twrp Recovery on Infinix Hot S X521

The Infinix hot S is one of the new devices Infinix  just released.
And like most of Infinix recently released devices, this phone runs on Android  version 6.0 marshmallow out of the box which makes it a bit difficult to root for those who might be planning to do so since the phone's firmware is still pretty new.
If you happen to be a phone freak or you just enjoy making lots of modifications and tweaking on your smartphone then rooting might be one of those things you would most likely want to do on your phone. But if you own a device running on Android marshmallow like the Infinix hot S, then you might not be able to automatically root your phone with one click root apps such as KingRoot since exploit for most devices running on marshmallow aren't available yet.

But all thanks to the HOVATEK TEAM for always providing the needed custom recovery. With the ported Twrp Recovery, you can manually root your phone. I will just put you through on the necessary steps to flash the custom recovery and also install the for root access.
=> A PC
=> USB cable
=> Vcom drivers must be installed on the PC. Check guide here.
=> Sp flash tool. Download here.
=> Infinix Hot S Twrp Recovery Image. Download here.

How to install Twrp Recovery on your Infinix  hot S
=> Extract both the downloaded recovery image and sp flash tool into two separate folders. Preferably to the desktop.
=> Open the extracted sp flash tool folder and open the file named "flash tool.exe".
=> On the flash tool app, click on scatter loading at the top right corner.
=> Locate the extracted recovery folder and open the file named “MT6753_Android_Scatter.txt”
=> After that, click on download on sp flash tool.
=> Turn off your phone and connect it to your PC.
=> Just wait while sp flash tool installs the recovery image into your phone and you should see a green button once the process is completed.
That's it, you have just installed Twrp Recovery on your Infinix hot S and hereby through with the first step. Just follow the procedure below to root your phone through recovery mode.

How To Root Infinix Hot S Through Twrp Recovery mode
=> Download from this link and copy it into your external SD card.(don't put it inside any folder).
=> Turn off your phone and boot it into recovery mode by holding down both the power button and volume up button.
=> From the Twrp menu options, click on install and select SuperSU
=> Swipe to confirm and wait until the process is completed.
=> After that, just reboot your phone.

That's all, you have just successfully rooted your phone. You can confirm your phone's root access by downloading root checker from play store.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post on your various social media platforms.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Infinix Note 3 Now Live On Jumia: Full Specification And Price

The rate at which infinix is now pushing out new phones  is really overwhelming. This is actually the third phone infinix is releasing in the period of just one month.
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The new infinix note 3 is the third of the infinix note series which consist of their mid range devices.

The Infinix note 3 which runs on Infinix XOS UI based on android version 6.0 is powered by mediatek MT6753 Octa-core processor  with a clock speed of 1.3GHz. It has a total ram of 2gb and an internal storage of  16gb. It features a 6 inches full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels (368ppi).

The Note 3 has a 13mpixel rear facing camera with dual flash and a front facing camera of 5mp with flash led. Infinix have also decided to step up the battery capacity a little from their traditional 4000mah capacity with a new massive 4,500mah lithium battery with a 3.0 charging technology which can charge the phone from 0-100% in 99minutes.

Below is the full specification and also price of the the infinix Note 3
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
  • WCDMA850/900/2100 (850/1700/1900/2100)
  • 162.5*82.8*8.4mm
  • Dual Micro-SIM card
  • 6.0" FHD IPS
  • 1080*1920 pixels (368ppi)
  • Android 6
  • MT6753 Octa-core 1.3GHz
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450 MHz
  • 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
  • Support Micro-SD card, max to 128GB
  • Main Camera 13MP PDAF 5P lens with 2 highlight LED
  • Front Camera 5.0MP FF+ with Flash
  • 1511 Speaker with external Audio PA
  • Receiver 1206 AAC
  • 4500mAh (min/typ) Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Change current 4.5A
Other Features
  • Support GPS, with A-GPS
  • Support wlan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Support Bluetooth 4.2
  • Support G-Sensor/Light Sensor/Proximity Sensor/e compass/Gyro (by software)
  • Support OTG
  • Support OTA
  • Support Fingerprint
  • ₦ 54,700
You can Buy From Jumia By Clicking on this link

Infinix Hot Note Update - XUI 1.N.3.1 2016/07/22 (Download Links Updated)

It's pretty obvious that infinix is gradually ending software support for infinix hot note, zero 2 and some of their older devices.
If you have been using infinix hot note for some time and also been following their software updates, then you would notice that this is longest infinix mobility has gone without releasing any update for their infinix hot note.
Although a new update has just been released for both infinix hot note and pro users, but this is likely going to be the last update the device will receive. It's understandable though as the device itself is already getting obsolete. So if you happen to be one of those clinging to any of those old devices, you might probably want to let it go now and upgrade to any of the newer devices if you still want the regular updates, most especially the new Marshmallow based XOS.

Download Links For Infinix Hot Note Update - XUI 1.N.3.1 2016/07/22

To those who were having issues with the download links, I have fixed the problem with new links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

==> Infinix Hot Note X551-G808-A1-L-20160722(16 G+1G)
=> Sp FlashTool Version :    Download HERE
=> TF Card Version :             Download HERE
=> OTA Package Version :    Download HERE

==> Infinix Hot Note Pro X551-G808-BC-L-20160722 (16 G+2G)
=> Sp FlashTool Version:   Download HERE
=> TF Card Version:            Download HERE
=> OTA Package Version:   Download HERE

If you are probably new to the whole OS Upgrade procedure. Then you can check out detailed guide on how to upgrade via Tcard here and also how to upgrade via sp flashtools here.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post on your social media platforms.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

5 Ways to Protect/Guard Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Against Malware Attack

The Android platform is currently the most popular OS in the world today, over half of all smartphone runs on the Android OS.
It is so popular that if your tablet or smartphone isn't running on iOS then it's mostly likely running on Android. Android is an open source operating system which means any phone manufacturer can easily modify it the way they want and it also allows any developer to release their own app. Why this might sound like a good thing you might also want to consider some of the disadvantages as it leaves the OS exposed to harms like malware's.
Aside the OS being open to third party developers, the popularity of the Android OS is also another reason why most cyber criminals focus more attention on it compared to other OS. Malware attack can be so bad that when an Android phone is infected cyber criminals can easily intercept messages, monitor phone calls, steal personal information. It even go as far as constantly intercepting with the regular phone activities thereby leading to excessive data usage, phone lagging, overheating, battery Draining and with time it can even render the phone almost useless.
Although viruses doesn't exist on the Android platform, but malware does. And that is one thing that makes the Android OS a bit more secured. While virus can easily attack without the owners consent, malware need a the owners approval before it can gain access into your device. So what this means is that with the right knowledge, malware can be prevented from attacking your Android smartphone.

Am going to list a few Tips to help safeguard your Android smartphone from potential threats and I will also try to do that in details.

Ways To Protect Your Android Device Against Malware
=> 1. Download Your Apps From Reliable Source: 
This is where the whole problem starts from. Downloading apps from untrusted sources can pose a big threat to your device. It's always advisable to download your apps from trusted stores like Samsung, G store, Amazon and most advisably play store, as this stores regularly perform security checks on their apps. And even though sometimes malware can still find their way in, Google play store for instance still has the ability to uninstall an app from your phone when it suspects any harm.

==> 2. Always Read And Understand App Permissions
This is also one other thing a lot of Android users do neglect. Whenever you are Installing an app from play store or even side loading it through a third party source, a list of Permissions that the app is requesting for will always be displayed before you click on the install button. It's always advisable to go through the whole Permission list before you click on agree and if you notice anything suspicious it's advisable you ignore the app or seek for more info online. 

For instance I don't see any reason why a calculator app will need your location or a wallpaper app will ask for permission to view your contact or messages.
Google has even made it more easier on devices running on Android version 5.1 and above as you can easily edit app Permissions by enabling it under your security settings. This allows you individually personalise how certain apps are granted certain Permissions.

==> 3. Always Disable Installation From Unknown Sources
Just like I said earlier, before malware can gain access into any Android device, it needs the approval of the user. It always advisable to turn off "installation from unknown sources" under security settings on your phone

Once that is disabled, no third party app can be installed on your Android device unless you enable it.

==> 4. Enable Google App Verification
This is an extra measure introduced by Google since Android version 2.2 to help verify apps before they are been installed on your device. Although this is usually enabled by default but most times some people tend to disable it. When enabled, Google will always scan all installation from third party and warn you of any potential threat when found.

In case this is disabled on your phone, just open Google settings app from your app drawer and enable it under security settings.

==> 5. Always install anti malware apps
While those tips above might go a long way in helping you safeguard your device, they might still not be enough to protect your smartphone from malicious apps. Many trusted names like Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Sophos, Norton and a few others have really been around for sometime now. They have different security teams that are always research round the clock just to make sure your device is as safe and secured as possible. 
It's advisable to always have at least one of this on your Android device for added security. Most of this apps even offer more services like anti theft protection, device tracking, remote wiping among others.

Bonus: while all those points mentioned above might be very effective, the most effective of them all is your common sense. Try as much as possible to stay away from pirated apps and anytime you notice any suspicious activity on any of your installed apps the first thing you should always do is to completely uninstall it before seeking for help.

Most times reading other people's comments before you download or install any app can also go a long way in protecting you again unknown dangers.

I might have omitted a few points up there but am pretty sure if you follow those guide lines mentioned above then your device will be free from any form of malicious application.

I will publish a post a post very soon where I will I list a few signs to know if your Android device is infected by malware or not. And maybe after that, I might write another article on steps to take if your device is already infected.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and don't forget to share this post on all your social media platforms.

Monday, 22 August 2016

How To Unsubscribe From Glo Caller Tune And Other Unsolicited Services

Am sure most of us have one time or the other been victim to random charges and frequent airtime deduction from Nigerians network providers for unsolicited services you don't even remember subscribing for.
It even gets more annoying when you are unable to unsubscribe and can't even contact the customer care service.
If you happen to be a victim of Glo's unsolicited services and frequent airtime deduction or you just want or unsubscribe from their caller tune service then this codes might probably be of help.

To Deactivate Glo Caller Tunes
Just "SMS “dereg” to 7728 without the quotes

How To Deactivate All Unsolicited Services
If it happens that you probably don't know the particular service deduction your airtime then you can either call the customer care or
SMS “UNSUB” to 8888 without quotes and that will unsubscribe you from all 8888 unwanted services.

That's all guys.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and don't forget to share this post.

How To Easily Stop Your Phone Alarm With Voice Command

Am pretty sure most of us have been in that kind of situation where we wake up still feeling dizzy and the first thing that comes to our mind is to turn off the alarm but we just feel too lazy to reach for it.
You might have imagined having another alternative of stopping your phone alarm without even reaching for it. At least that is the main purpose of the smartphone, to make things easier and probably to make the users lazier, but who cares!?.
Now you can easily turn off your alarm without even realizing  for your phone, With this new app you can just easily stop your alarm with a voice command. All you need to do is to say the word "stop", your Android device will recognize it and automatically turn off your alarm.

How To Stop Your Phone Alarm With Voice Command.
==> Download and Install the Android app called WakeVoice Trial alarm clock from play store by clicking here.

==> Launch the application.

==> Setup your alarm.

==> After setting up the alarm, make sure you tick both Voice command and Speech Synthesis.
==> You can also check out the voice command feature by clicking on "test".

==> The alarm should stop immediately you say the word, stop..

That's all. If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Airtel Hajj Promo Offers Hajj Pilgrims with free incoming calls, discount on SMS, data

In a bid to make this year's hajj an exciting one and also to keep pilgrims always connected to their families and loved ones back home,
Nigerians travelling to Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj are in for an exciting time as leading telecoms operator, Airtel Nigeria, is offering Hajj pilgrims free incoming calls and discounted rates on out-going calls, SMS and data.
The new offer which known as the "Airtel Hajj Promo" is valid until Friday, 30th September, 2016 and its aimed at empowering pilgrims to stay connected with their families and loved ones by providing huge discount on roaming tariffs. 

With this "Airtel hajj Promo" offer, pilgrims on the Airtel network will be able to make calls to any Network in Nigeria and also to any local Saudi Arabia number at the rate of just N30 per minute and also send SMS to any destination at the rate of N20 per SMS. Aside that, incoming calls and SMS will be free which means that pilgrims won't pay roaming charges on incoming calls or text messages and they will also enjoy data rate of just 2k/kB.
Another good thing about this promo is that it is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers and also doesn't require any code to opt in. To enjoy this offer as a prepaid customer, what you have to do is to make sure you load sufficient airtime on your phone and also make sure you associate your Airtel line with either Zain or STC network once you arrive Saudi. And as for the postpaid customers, to enjoy this offer make sure you active roaming on your line before you leave Nigeria and also make sure you associate your line with either Zain or STC once your arrive Saudi Arabia.

Recharging of airtime on your line  has also been made very easy as you can Ask your relations in Nigeria to send you recharge pin and load the pin by dialling *126*PIN# or by using other top up medium such as though your bank, mobile app among others.

Note that calls other international destinations will be charged at the normal roaming rate and as I said earlier this offer is valid until 30th of September 2016 and it is aimed at keeping pilgrims connected to their loved ones even while far away.

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