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WhatsApp Now Let's You Watch Received Videos Without Downloading

WhatsApp has been receiving lots of improvements and new features lately such as the new video calling, quote, mention  among others. Now WhatsApp is adding another feature which will make it possible for you to watch videos sent to you on WhatsApp even before downloading it. If you are using GB WhatsApp, then am pretty sure this is not new to you as it has been around for sometime now.

So instead of the traditional download button that appears whenever someone sends you a video, it will be replaced with a play button. Once you tap on the button, you can start watching the video even before downloading.

This new feature is already available on WhatsApp beta version 2.16.365. So if you happen to be WhatsApp beta tester, then head over to play store and update the app. But if you are not and you still want to try it out, then download the latest WhatsApp beta version from the link below.

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