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NCC Mandates All Telecoms Company To Increase The Prices Of Data Plans

This is really a bad news especially for the Internet users. In a bid to generate revenue for the country, the government has decided to take some actions which will affect a lot of people negatively. This year has really been a very good one for the Internet users and data subscribers as we have all experienced the cheapest data plans ever, but unfortunately the story is about to change.
NCC has mandated all telecommunication companies in Nigeria to increase the current price of data starting from December 1st, 2016 which is less than a week's time. So guys starting from the 1st of next month December, don't be surprised if your N1,000 can't get you more than 500mb instead of the regular 3GB.

If you guys remember, just few days ago, the CBN governor proposed a bill whereby you will be taxed for every call above 3 minutes and now this. Although that one is still a proposed bill and hasn't been passed into law yet but don't be surprised if they finally do as this government wouldn't mind doing anything to generate revenue except reducing their own salary and allowances of course.

If you want to confirm how true this story is then you can call 181 on your MTN line and listen to the announcement.

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