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Malware Has Been Found In Pokemon GO guide app For Android

A new malware has just been detected by the security experts at karpersky lab. They just warned about a new malicious app known as "guide for Pokemon go". The app which manage to gain access into playstore while disguising as a guide for the popular game known as Pokemon is actually a very dangerous app which serves as a tool for cyber criminals.
Although the app has already been pulled down from playstore, it managed to gain over 500,000 downloads before it was deleted. Once the app is installed into your phone, it roots your phone and grant itself root access. After that it starts to show numerous ads on your phone while also installing various apps in the background. 
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Signs That Your Android Smartphone Has Been Infected By Malware

The app majorly serves as a connection medium between a phone and the cyber criminals. Once an android phone is infected, it steals information like the phone's name, model, language, running OS version, current region and some other important data.

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If the collected information happens to match the needed criteria, then the app tries to exploit lot of vulnerabilities on your phone mostly between 2012 to 2015 by installing more malicious apps. The problem about this apps is that they are not easy to uninstall as they automatically convert themselves into system apps and even if you manage to uninstall any of them, they tend to reinstall themselves back.

As I said earlier, this app actually managed to hit over 500,000 downloads on playstore before finally taken down and this even exclude those downloaded from third party source. So if you happen to have mistakenly downloaded the app or you suspect any malware on your phone then you can go ahead and scan with kaspersky or check out how to permanently remove malware from your device by clicking on this link.

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