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Samsung Has Setup An IMEI Checker Page For The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As most of you already know, the Samsung galaxy note 7 is currently going through a battery exploding saga at the moment. When the device was launched it had a very good start as the turnout was so great that the demand exceeded expectations , but that was until the exploding problem came into picture which forced Samsung to halt the sale of the device and issue a nationwide recall.
Although the recall has been going on for sometime now and it's still ongoing but the turn up isn't as much as expected as most people have decided to hold on to the defected device instead of returning it back for a replacement.

So because of that, Samsung has decided to setup an imei checker page.
With the imei checker, you can easily check if your phone is part of the old units with defective battery which might be potentially dangerous or maybe your phone is the good unit.

You can either check your imei at the back of your phone, on the phone box or in your phone's Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> IMEI Information.
To check Your Note 7 IMEI, click on the link below.

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