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How To Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen On Windows PC Or Mac For Free

Although Apple makes it very easy to take a screenshot on their devices by holding down both the home and sleep/wake button together on an iPhone or iPad but there is no option to record the screen and there is even no supported third party app Unlike your android device unless maybe you decide to jail break.

If you want to make a video recording of your activities on your iPhone either for a tutorial or a gaming review, or maybe you just want to record the moment for fun and share to others then this is something you will really need. Although you can decide to record with a camera but it will never give the same result as an inbuilt or native screen recorder.

So in this post am going to show you two easy ways to record your iPhone or iPad screen on your windows PC or Mac.

How To Record Your iPhone Screen
Using Wireless Method With Lonely Screen App: 
This method works for both Mac and windows PC. The app lets you cast your iPad or iPhone screen to your computer and it's very easy to use.
==> First download the app for either You Mac or windows PC here.
==> Launch the app on your computer system.
==> On your iPhone or iPad, start the airplay mirroring from the control center and select "Lonely Screen" from the search option.
==> Once that is done, your iPhone will be wirelessly mirrored to your computer screen.
==> To start recording, just click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen and click on the record button.
==> You can also stop recording through the same process.

Using Mac: 
This method works only on Mac running on OS X Yosemite or earlier.
==> First connect your iPhone to your Mac using the lightning cable.
==> After connecting, launch the quick time player on your Mac system.
==> From the quick time app menu, click on the file tab and select record new movie.
==> Click on the little arrow button beside the red record button.
==> From the camera option list, just select your device name.
==> Once you have selected it, your device screen will be mirrored. Just click on the red record button to start recording.

So guys, those are two different methods to easily record your iPhone or iPad screen. Although there are other methods both most of them requires you to pay some certain amount of money.
Until Apple decides to integrate an inbuilt screen recorder, those two methods will do the job for you.

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