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Download GCam 7.0 for OnePlus 5 / 5T by Urnyx05 (CameraX9-Urnyx05)

Urnyx05 has just released a new version of his GCam 7.0 for the OnePlus 5/5T users. This latest build is mainly focused on bringing fix to the already existing bugs and the Developer however doesn't have any plan of continuing development for this particular build.
This new version of GCam which is the CameraX9-Urnyx05 is based on the Google Camera v7.0. It supports Android 9.0 and above.It also supports .xml config file which is linked below this below.

Changelog: GCam_7 for OnePlus 5/5T - CameraX9-Urnyx05:
  • Android 9+
  • This version supports .xml configs

How to Install GCam on your Android Phone:
  • Uninstall previous version of GCam on your phone.
  • Download the GCam App from the link below.
  • Install and launch the App.
  • For better performance, download and import the config file from the link below.

Download (Google Camera) GCam_7 for OnePlus 5/5T - CameraX9-Urnyx05

Download CameraX9-Urnyx05 Config file for OnePlus 5 / 5T

For instructions on how to import the Config file, click HERE.

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