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NCC has granted Airtel approval to restrict Globacom customers from calling its network

The NCC has just given Airtel the go ahead to partially disconnect Globacom from its network. This is due to Glo's failure to pay it's interconnect debt to Airtel. This means that starting from 28 of October this year, Globacom customers won't be able to call Airtel customers but Airtel will be able to call Globacom customers.
“At the expiration of 10 days from the date of this notice, subscribers on the network of Globacom will no longer be able to make calls to Airtel but will be able to receive calls. The partial disconnection, however, will allow in-bound calls to the Glomobile network.”
In telecommunications, Interconnect is the process whereby a service provider handles calls for another service provider. This is done by allowing customers of different service providers connect and communicate with each other.

This however does come with a price which is called the interconnect bill. This bill is paid by the network provider where the call originated from to the other provider where the call is terminated. For instance, if an MTN customers calls an Airtel customer, MTN will have to pay Airtel the interconnection bill.

This isn't the first time Globacom has been involved in a case like this. In June of this year, MTN threatened to partially disconnect Globacom from its network due to unpaid interconnect bills. This was however resolved by the NCC. 

Now if Globacom fails to clear up the interconnect debt it is owing Airtel before the 28 of October, all Glo subscribers won't be able to call the Airtel network until the debt is settled.

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