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Samsung delays the Galaxy Fold launch indefinitely, gives customers option to cancel pre-order

The first generation Samsung Galaxy fold was just a few days away from its official launch which was slated for April 26 before a couple of influencers started complaining about screen issues from the review units sent to them.
Apparently most of the issues were due to reviewers peeling off the outermost layer of the screen which they thought was a removable protective layer and they were also a few other cases which weren't caused by user errors. Samsung was forced to release an official statement on the issue, after which it recalled all the review units and the launch date was officially delayed.

Now, it seems Samsung still hasn't been able to resolve the issue on the device yet as the launch of its first foldable phone has been delayed indefinitely. 

Samsung has however sent emails to those who pre-ordered the device, giving them the option to keep their order or cancel their order and get a full refund of any amount they paid without any charges.
If a person has a Galaxy fold pre-order and does not send a response email to Samsung and the Galaxy Fold does not ship on or before May 31st, the order will be automatically canceled and the consumer will receive a full refund. But if a customer does not want to cancel the order, all the person has to do is to reply Samsung's email with a request to have their order shipped later. 

If you do ask Samsung to keep your order, you still have the option to cancel that order up until the phone ships.

Huawei's own foldable smartphone is just a few weeks away from its official launch and the company has reinterate that it's ready and the date won't be postponed, but with the recent Samsung Galaxy fold disaster, a lot of skepticism still surrounds the Mate X launch.

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