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Latest GBWhatsApp V6.95 (Anti-Ban) Android APK download 2019

WhatsApp is unarguably the most popular messaging app in the world with over 1 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp does come with a whole lot of cool features and options which gives users a huge control over the App, but it lacks som features and also comes with a couple of limitations. This is the reason we have modded versions of WhatsApp that lets you do more than you can on the original app.
We have many different types of Mod WhatsApp by different developers such as YoWhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, RCYOWA and many others but GBWhatsApp is still one of the most popular and also one of the best. With GBWhatsApp, you get more options and features than you do on the stock app such as option to schedule messages, hide chat, hide online status, DND, theme your WhatsApp and many more.

Features of GBWhatsApp
* Privacy options 
* You can send group messages to groups 
* Hide any conversation 
* Automatic reply (you can send an automatic reply to incoming messages when you are busy) 
* When someone delete a message from your device CEATEC notice tells you the message that wants to delete (recovered) 
* you can upload a status video of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds 
* possibility of sending scheduled messages  
* Ability to know who visited your profile or become connected 
* Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Ability to send a clip size of up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB 
* Statistics counter for groups 
* Preview media without downloading 
* Ability to hide the name and date when copying two messages or more 
* Ability to stop receiving calls for any person you want or for everyone 
* Ability to display messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members 
* The program sends you an alert if your friend changed his profile 
* And many features.

What's new in v6.95
* [ New ] Anti-Ban
* [ Fixed ] Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
* [ Fixed ] Payments Color in Attach Menu
* Many More Fixes

Important Note - 
1. Redmi Users Might Face Issues with MOD 6.11 Due to MiUi Roms

Download GBWhatsApp V6.95
=> Download GBWhatsApp Version 6.95 HERE or HERE
=> Download GBWhatsApp+ Version 6.95 HERE or HERE (To Run Three Accounts)
=> Download GBWhatsApp3 Version 6.95 HERE  or HERE (To Run four Accounts)

Note: GbWhatsApp now has four different types depending on your phone's hardware, for instruction on how to know the right one to download, just click HERE.

Note: You can run all three GB WhatsApp versions together with your stock WhatsApp without any issue on the same device.

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