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Samsung now lets users Remap and customise the Bixby Button on Galaxy Smartphones

Just like Google assistant, Microsoft's cortana and Apple's Alexa, Samsung also has its own virtual assistant which it calls Bixby. Samsung has always included a dedicated Bixby button on its flagship since the Galaxy S8 without an option to customise it, but many users aren't pleased with this and have always requested for an option to remap the button.
Samsung has finally given in and the tech giant has started rolling out an update which lets Samsung Galaxy users remap the Bixby button on their Galaxy Note 9, S9, S9+, Note 8, S8 and S8+. With this new update users will be able to remap the button to call up any third party app of their choice such as the camera App, Instagram, twitter etc.

To reprogram the Bixby button, just head over to your phone's "Settings", click on the "Advanced features", and select the "Bixby key" option. This will let you reprogram either the single or double click of the Bixby button to any system or third party App of your choice. You will be able to remap just one option and not both.

This means that users still won't be able to totally disable Bixby as you have the option to only disable either the single or double click and not both, and the unmapped option will still call up Bixby. Also, long pressing the Bixby button will always launch the "Bixby voice".
Samsung has also taken extra measures to ensure users don't kill or substitute Bixby by making it almost impossible to remap the button to other rival virtual assistant like the Google assistant.

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