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Stream Live TV Shows for free on Cruise TV App with MTN

So I will be introducing a new streaming App to you guys and it is called cruise TV. Unlike other streaming apps, this app doesn't offer you variety of channel but it offers you a particular TV channel in form of an App.
Cruise TV is dedicated to promote the African Culture Heritage; it has been designed to cater for all ages and all races throughout Africa. The channel offers a unique experience in digital broadcasting. As a corporate organization, we are firmly committed to provide the highest level of services without exception
What makes this app really awesome is that it lets you stream without data on your MTN ng SIM. So if you have an MTN Nigeria SIM with no airtime or data, you can still live stream on the cruise TV app. That doesn't stop you from streaming the App on other networks or countries but data will be required.

Cruise TV offers 24/7 entertainment and it has varieties of programmes which you can check out from the schedule category. 
The App is available in the Google play store and it's free.

Download Cruise TV App
You can download the Cruise TV App from Google Playstore or from this LINK.

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  1. It actually requires data for streaming on all network including that so called Mtn . Without data, na "No network" d thing dey show.

    1. It does work without data on mtn...

      Just use your default APN and click on live stream...

      That's all.

  2. You're right. It works perfectly fine on Mtn without data. Thanks.

  3. Works like magic. Thank you yomitech


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