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Facebook Lite App now available on iOS

Facebook first introduced the Lite version of it's app to the Android platform back in 2015. The Facebook Lite is a slimmed down lightweight version of the main Facebook App targeted at low end Android devices. It consumes less space, data and RAM.
Now, Facebook has started testing the Facebook Lite App for iOS users. Just like the Android version, the device will first be tested in a few regions (mostly developing countries) before being rolled out to other markets. At the moment, the App is currently being tested in Turkey which means you can only install the App if you have an iOS device and you are located in Turkey.

The Facebook lite App for iOS is just 5mb in size, which means less data is required to download the App and it will also consume less storage space. The App is optimized for older iPhones with less processing power and its designed to consume less data, RAM, space and even data. It will first be distributed to developing countries in batches before being made available in developed countries.

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