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Latest MTN N0.0k Free Browsing Cheat with eProxy VPN App (2018)

While you guys are still flexing the MTN free browsing cheat with Spark VPN, HTTP injector and KPNTunnel VPN, I have decided to add one more VPN to the list and this time it's Eproxy.
The Eproxy VPN App is also very fast and it powers all Apps, but just like the HTTP Injector it doesn't work on rooted Android phones. So if your phone is rooted then you might want to try out Spark VPN or KPNTunnel Rev instead.

Below is the full procedure on how to setup the Eproxy VPN for MTN browsing cheat.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat with Eproxy VPN
** Your non rooted Android phone.
** MTN SIM (with no active data plan).
** Eproxy VPN App. Download it HERE or HERE.
** Eproxy Config file for the MTN N0 Tweak
Download it HERE or HERE.

Alternative Config Files: Incase the config file above doesn't work for you, then you can try one of the alternatives below
Config File 1: Download HERE or HERE
Config File 2: Download HERE or HERE
Config File 3: Download HERE or HERE
Config File 4: Download HERE or HERE

Eproxy Settings for MTN Free Browsing Tweak
>> Download and install the Eproxy VPN app from this LINK.
>> Download the config file from this LINK.
>> Launch the eProxy App and click on the Plus icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
>> Locate the config file you downloaded earlier and select it.

>> Click on Start and wait for a few seconds for the VPN App to connect.

That's all guys.

Note: The free data is capped at 1GB per day for each SIM. Once you exhaust the daily 1GB, you will have to wait till 12am for another one.

If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.
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  1. All mtn 0k cheats are not working in my phone.. It shows injecting or listening until I buy data...please help am using LETV X620 OS 6.0

    1. For instructions on how to fix this issue, just click on this LINK

    2. You can join the telegram group HERE

      Telegram channel HERE

      WhatsApp group HERE

  2. i cant download the files please...its redirecting me cut urls or so

  3. You can join the telegram group HERE

    Telegram channel HERE

    WhatsApp group HERE

  4. Please it's connecting but I can't make Whatsapp calls with it... But I can chat and view status

  5. I tried to start my eproxy but its asking for PayLoad,remote proxy. what will I do?

    1. Bro, follow the instructions in the post above... There are even pictures there to guide you

  6. OGA YOMI,please keep updating us with this EPROXY...is very fast in downloading imaging download @2.4m/k..... I love eproxy app

  7. It works very well on rooted phone

  8. Bro it says config protect by device root only and I am using a noon rooted phone

    1. You can use KPNTunnel Rev Instead by clicking on this LINK

  9. Wow, this really works OK s doubted it at first
    Thanks a lot bro
    keep up the good work

  10. Hello Yomi,
    Wanted to join your group on WhatsApp but it says the link has been revoked.
    Please give guidance.


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