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YouTube will now let you know how long you spend watching YouTube videos daily

A couple of months ago, Google released a feature which lets Android users set up YouTube to remind them to take a break from watching videos after a specific period of time.
Now, as part of Google's "Digital Wellbeing" initiative, YouTube is rolling out a new tool that will allow users see exactly how long they spend watching videos on the app each day.

With this new tool, you will be able to see long you spend on the app today and yesterday from the profile in your account menu. You will also be able to see the total time you spent watching videos on the app in a week as well as the average time you spend on the app daily.

This statistics will not include the time you spend watching YouTube music.

The new update also includes a new settings option which lets you combine all of your YouTube push notifications into just one single notification each day. You can also set a specific time you will like to receive the notification.

YouTube will now by default disable sound and vibration for all notifications between 10pm and 8am everyday. This is to allow you sleep without being disturbed by the notification sound of your phone. You can however disable this feature or customize the start and end time from the settings.

If you have updated your YouTube app to the latest version, you can access the new tool by launching the App, click on the icon at the top right corner and click on Time Watched

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