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Ntel Wawu SIM Bonus Offer still on, Get 23GB Data for just N1000 on Ntel Network

Earlier this year, Ntel introduced the "Wawu SIMwhich comes with lot of awesome voice and data bonus offers for new ntel users. With the ntel Wawu SIM offer, you get free 1gb of data, another 10gb data, 8k/secs charge on all VOLTE calls as well as 500% bonus on all data. The promo was supposed to end on the 30th of April but Ntel decided to extend it.
With the Ntel Wawu SIM offer, you will get free 1gb data upon activation and this is valid for 48 hours. After that, you will be given another 10GB free data valid for a month when you register the SIM as well as, 500% bonus on all data purchase for a year and 8K/S charge on all VOLTE calls. 

Benefits of the Ntel Wawu SIM and Validity Period
>> Free preloaded 1GB data bonus valid for 2 days (48 hours).
>> Free 10GB data after SIM registration valid for 30days.
>> Free 500% data bonus on data plan purchases valid for a year (365 days).
>> 8kb/sec offer for calls to all networks valid for a year (365 days).
>> Free N1000 airtime.
How to Activate the Ntel Wawu SIM
>> Visit any Ntel shop or experience center near you.
>> Request for the Ntel Wawu SIM.
>> You will be charged N1000 and the SIM will be registered there.
>> You will be given 2 SIM cards.
>> The first SIM card comes with free 1GB of data which you can use for 2 days.
>> The second SIM card which is the main SIM, comes with 10GB of data which is valid for 30days, free N1000 airtime which can be used for VOLTE calls or to buy data as well as other benefits.

How to Get 23GB Data on Ntel with just N1000
When you buy the Ntel Wawu SIM, you are given free 10gb and another 1gb data which is a total of 11gb. Aside that, you also get free N1000 airtime which you can use to make calls or buy data.
If you decide to buy data with the free airtime, you can either visit myntel.com.ng or by using the Ntel app. You will get 12gb of data for just N1000. The free 11gb + 12gb data gives you 23gb in total.

Note: Ntel is a 4G LTE only network so the SIM will work best when you set your preferred network to "4G only". Incase your phone doesn't have the 4G only option, you might have to force enable it.

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