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Opera Launches New Mobile Browser for Android and iOS - Opera Touch

Opera has just launched another new mobile browser which is known as the Opera Touch. The new Opera Touch is different from the regular Opera browser as it's designed to work with both the desktop and mobile device, irrespective of the smartphone you are using.
The opera touch browser has also been designed for convenient one hand usage as all the quick access functions such as Dial, bookmarks, the back and reload/kill page buttons, and your open tabs have all been moved within the thumbs reach. 

Once you launch the opera touch browser, the address bar immediately opens up. Your smartphone keyboard also pops up, with the cursor blinking on the address bar and ready to go. This will help reduce the number of steps it takes between launching the keyboard and inputing a web address or search query.
The browser is packed with some cool features such as voice search function and the ability to scan a QR code to perform a search. It also comes with what opera  calls FAB (Fast Action Button), which gives users direct access to the most recent tabs and search features.

Where to Download the Opera Touch Browser
The opera touch browser is already available on the Google Play Store and android users can download it by clicking on this link. However, iOS users will have to wait a bit as the app is expected to arrive in the App Store soon.

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