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WhatsApp Extends "Delete for Everyone" Feature from 7 Minutes to Over 1 Hour (64 Minutes)

Most of us have had our own fair share of embarrassing and disastrous moments on WhatsApp either by sending a wrong message to someone or sending a private message to the wrong person. WhatsApp decided to solve this issue by introducing a new feature which it called "delete for everyone".
The feature which was launched last year makes it possible for users to recall an already sent message on WhatsApp even if it's in a group conversation. Although a lot of people actually see this new feature as a life saver, one problem people have with it is the limited time.

Up until now, WhatsApp only let users delete message for everyone on a private chat or group as long as the message is not up to 7 minutes, but now the time has been extended from the traditional 7 minutes to 1 hour. All successfully deleted messages will eventually be replaced with “This message was deleted” in the recipients’ or group chat.

The new time extension has already started rolling out in the latest version of WhatsApp for Android users. The feature is however expected to roll out to iOS and Windows phone users soon.

However, if you want the "Delete for Everyone" feature to be available for unlimited period of time then you can go ahead and install GB WHATSAPP HERE or YOWhatsApp HERE.

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