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Check out the SmartPhone Case that can Measure Blood Pressure

Report has it that a new phone case which will allegedly let you measure your blood pressure just by placing your finger on sensor is currently in development. With this new phone case, there won't be any need to put on the cumbersome cuffs on your wrist or arm when measuring your blood pressure.
The blood pressure measuring case is Co-developed by a professor at Michigan State University’s College of Engineering, Ramakrishna Mukkamala. The case took volunteers just two tries on average to get the Blood Pressure measurements. After the test, a similar result was achieved when compared to finger cufflinks, but there was a bit deviation from results gotten from arm cuffs which means there is still more work to be done in terms of precision.

The BP reading case works by using a rear mounted sensor as well as a mobile app to tell the user how much pressure is needed. The cut in the blood flow to the finger is then measured and that how the Blood Pressure Measurements is derived. 

If you happen to be a Samsung user then you might probably not need this as Samsung flagship devices starting from the Galaxy S5 comes with an heart rate reader while Galaxy S7 and above comes with improved Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2 Blood Oxygen Level or (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) and Stress Level reader.

The researchers have already patented and licensed the technology to Digitouch Health and the case might be available commercially soon when they finally get the precision compared to the traditional arm cuffs BP readers.

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