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You can now Share and View Snapchat Post/ Story Directly on Social Media Websites or Blogs

Snapchat is now transitioning from the private app it used to be to a more public social platform just like Instagram. The social app will now make it possible for some certain users to share their stories to people who have not installed the Snapchat app yet. 
Stories created by official accounts like that of celebrities, brands, politians and more can now be viewed on your other social media platforms with your regular browser through a link to a Snapchat.com page where they will be hosted. Those with non-official Snapchat accounts will also be able to post comments to a group video and have those comments shared through a link also.

It's no more news that Snapchat has been suffering a steady decline in terms of number of daily users, so the main aim of this new development is to actually make non Snapchat users view the kind of content available on the app even without installing it with the hope that those who haven't installed the app yet will like it, and decide to subscribe to the app.

Aside the new content link, Snapchat will also make it possible for Media websites and blogs to easily embed a Snapchat content directly into an article. This is similar to what Google allows you to do with the YouTube platform and also Twitter currently offers such.

The Snapchat sharing stories is currently available only in countries where the latest version of the app is offered, such as Australia and Canada. But it's expected to rollout to all other regions pretty soon.

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