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Latest WhatsApp Update Now let's you Save and Listen to Voice Message before Sending it

WhatsApp is here again with yet another new update which comes with an awesome new feature you are definitely going to find handy. The new update is currently available on the Apple app store for iOS users and will be available for android users soon.
Before now, anytime you want to send a voice note to a WhatsApp chat or group chat, all you do is record your voice note, send it and hope it comes out the way you expect as there is no way to listen to it before sending. But that has been fixed in the latest update as you will now be able to listen to a voice note before sending it.

Also, as most of us already know, your voice note normally gets terminated if you get an incoming  call while recording, but with this  new  update, that also won't happen again as your recording automatically gets saved.

How the New WhatsApp Voice Message Recording Works
If you are recording a voice message and one of these situations happens:
>> You receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call;
>> You listen a voice message;
>> You close WhatsApp;
>> Your battery is low;
>> You want to forward/delete a message or you change chat/section;
>> You view an image, video, album…
WhatsApp will automatically save your voice message so you won’t lose it.

At the moment, this new update and improvements only available for WhatsApp on iOS version 2.18.10 but it's expected to roll out for Android users soon.

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