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Instagram now lets you add a comment to a photo directly from your main photo feed

Clicking on an image on your Instagram feed to drop your own comment isn't really much of an hastle but if you have ever wished to be able to comment on an Instagram post directly from the main feed without clicking on the actual post then you are not alone on this as Instagram has already started rolling out a new update that will allow you do this.
With this new feature, all you need to do is to stare at a particular photo on your main feed for a few seconds and  an "add a comment" text box will pop up where you can just add your own comment and keep scrolling without even clicking on the photo.

The new feature has already rolled out to iOS users since last month and android users have also started receiving the new feature this week. This is a server side update which means there is no need updating your app. The new feature will be automatically rolled out to you.

Once you stay on a particular photo for a few seconds without the "add a comment" pop-up then the new feature is not available for you yet.

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  1. The "real time" recreation play is so boring.


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