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How to Fix Continuous App Crashing and Force Stopping on your Android Smartphone

Apps crashing is one of those problems you probably might have encountered as a smartphone user. It's really annoying when an app crashes anytime you try to launch it or just suddenly crashes while you are using it. This can happen on either android or even iOS smartphones. 
Apps crashing on your Smartphones can actually be caused by different reasons such as bugs or compatibility issues. In this post I will explain 6 different ways you can fix Apps crashing on your android phone.

6 Ways to Fix Apps Crashing on your Phone
1. Update your Apps: Sometimes, an app crashing on your phone might be caused by a bug and many developers are always quick to fix major bugs by pushing out updates. So the first thing to do when you notice an app is crashing continuously is to try and update it to the latest version.

2. Clear App Cache and Data:
This method also helps a lot but you will lose all the apps saved data.
>> Go to Settings.
>> Click on Apps or Installed Apps.
>> Select the App.
>> Scroll down or click on storage.
>> Then clear App Data.
Note: Method of clearing App Data might be slightly different depending on your phone and OS version.

3Reinstall the App:
If after clearing the App data the crashing still continues, you might want to uninstall the app completely and reinstall it again preferably from Play Store.

4. Install an Older Version:
Sometimes an apps new version might contain bugs which might lead to frequent crashing. So it's advisable you uninstall and reinstall an older version of the app until the bug is fixed.
>> Click on this LINK.
>> Search for the android app.
>> Download an older version of the app.
>> Uninstall the current one on your phone and install the older version you just downloaded.

5. Download Compatible Apps:
When you download an App that isn't compatible with your smartphone, it can make the app malfunction. So it's always advisable to always download your Apps from Google Play Store as Google will only provide apps compatible for your phone base on phone's processor, graphics and current android version.

6.  Update your Phone:
Not all issues you encounter with an app is always caused by the app itself. Sometimes it might be a problem from your phone. So always make sure your phone is upgraded to the latest available version.

That's all guys.

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