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Google Develops an AI tool that can Detect and Alert you when Strangers are Peeking at your Phone Screen

In a bid to further increase the level of privacy you get when using your smartphone in public, a new tool has just been developed by Google researchers that can alert you whenever any one is peeking or looking at your phone screen over your shoulder. The new tool which is called  "electronic screen protector", was invented by Florian Schroff and See Jung Ryu.
The new Electronic Screen Protector is a software which uses a combination of Machine learning AI and the front facing camera of your smartphone to scan for any second face looking at your phone. Once the software detects another face peeking at your screen, you will be quickly alerted in real time.

As demonstrated in the demo video below, you can see how the software repeatedly interrupts a Google Hangouts conversation when it detects that a stranger is peeking at the owners phone  screen over the shoulder. Acdording to the inventors, the tool is so fast that it can detect  a gaze in just 2 milliseconds and facial recognition in just 47 milliseconds.
The Electronic Screen Protector is expected to work under various lighting conditions and has the ability to auto detect multiple head poses. At the moment there is still no word on how this might affect the phone's battery life but this new technology is still in development stage and we might have to wait until it's implemented on a smartphone.

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