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You can Now send and receive money in Facebook messenger through PayPal

About 2 months ago, Skype launched a new payment system where users can send and receive money directly from the app through PayPal. Now Facebook in conjunction with PayPal has also decided to introduce something similar in the messenger app.
Although Facebook already allow users to pay for goods and services on the messenger app using PayPal, but there was no option to send or receive money from your family and friends.

Now Facebook and PayPal just announced that a new P2P (peer-to-peer) payment system has been added to Messenger. What this means is that if you are using Facebook chat service, you'll now have the option to send and request money from family and friends using your PayPal account.

PayPal also announced its first PayPal customers service bot for Messenger. And what this means is that PayPal customers will be able to receive payment and account support directly in Messenger. 

At the moment, the new messenger payment option is only available to users in the United States only but it's expect to roll out to other regions soon. Also note that you need a valid PayPal account to be able to send and receive money from family and friends using this new payment option.

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  1. Nice one YomiTech but the sad news there is that this P2P method to transfer cash from one another is only available in the United States so what do we do???
    Should we just sit back and watch!!!

    Comments from: LuqTech/a>

  2. Hope to see Nigeria added very soon .
    commenting from Damytechs Blog


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