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HMD confirms that all current Nokia smartphones will receive the Android P update

It's no more news that all available and upcoming HMD's Nokia Android smartphones including the low end Nokia 3 will all receive the Android 8 Oreo update. Google already announced it sometime ago and even HMD confirmed it. There are even official report going on that the latest Android 8 Oreo is currently being tested on the flagship Nokia 8 and may be rolled out later this month.
Now, it looks like Nokia won't even be stopping at just the Android 8 as the Finnish company announced at the Nokia 8 launch in Philippines that all their current smartphones will also receive the yet to be released Android P update once Google makes it available to other OEMs.

This means its safe to say all current Nokia smartphones including the low end Nokia 3 will receive at least 2 major updates. You can check out the launch video by clicking on this link and skip to 41:00 minutes for the Android P announcement.

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  1. I think Nokia will make it back to the top, being the best Phone manufacturers they where before. But it's not only Nokia that has released their list of phone's that will get the Android Oreo update, other companies has also released their list.check out the list of all phones that will get Android 8.0 Oreo update


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