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Samsung Might Just Have Solved the Dangers of Burning and Exploding in Lithium ion Batteries

Samsung mobile sale was going very well last year until the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco came into picture. If there is one mistake Samsung will never want to make again then it will be the battery fail on the Galaxy Note 7. This affected Samsung's sale and the company lost billions of dollars to the incident.
Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S8 which is no doubt a very beautiful piece of device. According to Samsung, lots of safety measures have been put in place to prevent last year's battery disaster from reoccurring again.

A popular YouTube channel called "What's Inside" recently put the new Samsung Galaxy S8 through some extreme torture to see how the phone holds. While cutting through the device with a mini cutter, the blade cut through the phone's battery which made it expand. 
The sudden expansion is not surprising as it's expected of a lithium battery, but aside the expansion, nothing else actually happened. Normally, a lithium battery is expected to explode or at least burst into flames.

The YouTube even further to pierce the battery with a metal but there was no spark except for just a little flame (normally, when lithium battery comes in contact with metal, it's suppose to spark or even explode).

With this test, Samsung might just have solved the problem which cost the company a huge lost. If all smartphone manufacturers can implement this new technology into their batteries, our smartphone might just be a save gadget once again.
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