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Latest WhatsApp Version Now Lets you pin Chat at the Top of the App

WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will make it possible for you to easily pin important conversations at the top of the screen. This feature will really come in handy for those who are in a lot of WhatsApp group or receives a lot of relevant and irrelevant messages.
With this new feature, you wouldn't need to scroll through pool of messages just to view your favourite chat as you can easily pin then to the top. At the moment, this feature is only available for the WhatsApp beta users, so if you are using WhatsApp beta V2.17.162 or V2.17.163, then you should most likely be able to use this new feature.

How to Use the WhatsApp Pin Chat Feature
Using the Whatsapp pin feature is very easy and straightforward.
=> Tap and hold on any chat you want to pin.
=> A new pin icon will appear in the action bar (at the top of the app) next to the delete, mute, and archive functions.
=> Just click on it to pin any chat.
Unpinning is also the same procedure, just follow the steps above to unpin any conversation.

Note that at the moment, you can only pin a maximum of three chats and this feature only available to WhatsApp beta testers only. 

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