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New Etisalat Chatpack Tweak 2017, Speed Trothling Fixed

Glo has been good to us for like a year now with the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat, but the problem many have with the Glo tweak is the poor network coverage in many locations and that has forced many people to settle for the Etisalat instead.
The Etisalat free browsing tweak on the other hand has always been limited to just about 60-70mb a day, which is not sufficient for a lot of people, but the good news now is that the Etisalat chat pack cheat is back and the speed trothling has been fixed.

In this post, I will put you guys through on how to configure the new Etisalat chat pack tweak.

Requirements for The Etisalat Chat Pack Tweak
>> Etisalat sim.
>> Android smartphone.
>> TweakWare VPN.

How to Configure The Etisalat Chat Pack Tweak 
>> First, make sure you use your phone's default APN.
>> If you don't have TweakWare VPN already, download from playstore or from this Link.
>> Make sure you have at least N150 in your Etisalat sim, then dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# to subscribe for the eti chat pack weekly plan.
Note: Remember to Dial *343*5*0# to opt out of auto renewal, if you don't want it to auto renew every week.
>> Launch the TweakWare VPN app and select any of the Available servers ( choose only from the Free servers unless you have a premium account).
>> Select "Eti ChatPack 2017" from the tweak list and tick the check box beside it.
>> After that, just click on connect and wait a few seconds for it to connect.

That's all guys, if you are not okay with the eti N0 60mb daily tweak, then this is a better alternative.

If you encounter any problem at all, just drop it in the comment section below and I will try to help out.

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