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Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak With Psiphon, How To Bypass 60mb Daily Limit

It's no more news that the Airtel N0 tweak has been blocked. The tweak lasted for just about a week before Airtel finally blocked. So that leaves us with just the Glo and etisalat tweak. The good thing is that both the Etisalat and Glo tweak are completely free.
The Glo tweak would have been a better option if not for how unstable it is. Although the Etisalat is more stable, it's actually limited to just 60mb in a day. So In this post I will explain in details how to setup the etisalat free browsing cheat with psiphon and also how to bypass the daily bandwidth limit of 60mb.

You can use your default APN settings or configure as shown below.
Apn Name: yomitech etisalat N0
APN: etisalat
Skip the rest and save.

How To Configure The Etisalat With Psiphon Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak 

Download Psiphon VPN app from Here (if you don't have it already)
Launch the app and configure it as shown below
Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server: http://ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openModal
Skip the rest and click on save at the bottom.
=> On the next screen, click on the option tab.
=> select UNITED STATES as your region
=> Click on MORE OPTIONS.
=> Untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy
After that, just go back and let it connect.

That's it guys, So now I will show you how to bypass the 60mb daily bandwidth limit.

How To Bypass The 60MB Daily Limit
Once you reach the 60mb daily limit, clear your Psiphon data and cache (via your data usage), then replace proxy sever with any of the servers below;

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#close
Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#closemodal
Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#open
Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openmodal
Real proxy type: Inject
Real proxy port: 3128

That's it guys, if you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to kindly share this post on your social media platforms.

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  1. Hello please i dont think this bypassing is working ive tried it almost everyday buh its not working

    1. I guess that method had been blocked

  2. I Just figured out a way to bypass tho.... Ive used 150 mb already.... Wat i need to be sure of is if after rotating all d proxy servers and den putting d 1st 1 if its will continue

    1. Am not really sure about that...

      BTW.. cam you share your own method of bypassing so that others can also benefit..

  3. Sorry boss i was wrong actually... I had a hidden data i had no idea of dat is etisalat shared data... So it was running on d data..... Buh normally i gt close to 100mb daily

  4. it is working, thank u bro


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