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How To Get Free 5GB On Your Airtel Sim Card

Glo users have actually been the only one enjoying free browsing tweaks for a couple of months now. While others who don't have a Glo sim or probably have poor Glo network reception in their location are busy praying for miracle from heaven.
Now this is good news for Airtel users. If you happen to own an Airtel Sim card then get your sim ready and also look for an MTK phone a.k.a "tweaking phone" and follow this post as i guide you through on how to get 5gb free on yoir Airtel sim card.

How To Get Free 5GB On Your Airtel Sim
=> First, download IMEI analyser from this Link.
=> Copy the imei below and paste it into the imei analyser.
=> Delete the last three digits and replace it with two random digits of your choice.
E.g from 861143032394005, replace 005 to 28
=> Click on analyse to get the last digit.
=> Copy the new 15digit imei you just analysed and replace your current imei with it. You can check out guide here.
=> After that send join to 141.
=> If the IMEI is valid, you will be rewarded with 5gb.

Alternative Method To Get Airtel 5Gb
If you were unable to change your imei then follow this second.
=> Input your Airtel Sim into any phone. (even touch light phone will work).
=> Send S(your new imei) to 232.
E.g S861143032392470 to 232.
=> Wait for a reply and send join to 141.
=> If the imei has not been used, you will get 5gb but if it has been used you will be the message "you do not qualify for this offer"
=> Just go ahead and re analyse.

So that's it guys, enjoy it while it last.
Pls don't tell me it's not working because it has been tested before I posted it here.
If you have any question, feel free to ask. 
Also don't forget to share.


  1. Didn't work sir.. Said am not eligible

    1. Try and tweak this imei 861143032394872 and make sure you analyse it.


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