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Top Five Document Scanning App To Convert Your Phone Into A Mobile Scanner (Android, iOS And Windows Phone)

The introduction of smartphones have really contributed a lot in making our day to day activities more easier. Mobile phones have gone beyond just calling and texting to becoming a part of our life. The camera on smartphone has gone from just taking pictures to doing a whole lot more like solving simple mathematics problems, taking measurements, scanning of documents and lots more.
Have you ever been in that kind of situation where you probably want to scan a business card, recipient on the go or you just have a very urgent document to scan but you have no access to a scanner. As I said earlier, your phone camera can now do more than just taken pictures. You can now easily scan documents with it and even convert to PDF.

Although it's not as good as your physical printer but it still gets the job done. Most of this apps even have OCR (optical character recognition) feature which lets you extract text from images by converting scanned documents into real characters.
Although we have lots of this apps on playstore, Windows Store and Apple that does similar job. But am just going to cut down the list to 5 of the best.

CamScanner- Free and paid version (Android, iOS and Windows phone) : This is a very popular cross platform scanning app. The simple and beautiful UI is just one thing you can't just help but notice. After snapping any document, cam scanner will auto crop and enhance it in other to give you an almost perfect perspective.
And also with the OCR you can easily edit documents and it also makes it very easy for you to extract text from an image. You also have the ability to password protect your document and you can also sync with cloud storage like drop box,google drive Etc.
The apps comes in free version which gives you limited features,  but you can also purchase the premium version to remove watermark, ads and also to unlock all features.

Google drive - Free: Google drive is one of those apps most of us use almost on a daily basis especially those of us who saves our files on Google cloud storage. Aside allowing you to synchronize and manage your files from your Android smartphone, the app also allows you to scan documents from your smartphone.
The Google drive app is available for both ios and Android users. With the Google drive you can easily scan your document, arrange them and convert to PDF. It also offers optical character recognition(OCR) But this is currently available for Android Users only. And since its Google drive, saving your document can't get more easier as you can easily convert to PDF and save them on your Google drive almost Immediately. Also the app is completely free.

Genius Scan - Free and Paid version: This is also another cross platform document scanner that comes in both free and paid version. Genius scanner let's you easily scan a document, convert and send it on the go. This app features great page detection and perspective correction which means it can easily detect the frame of any document you are scanning and  tries to automatically fixe the perspective.
If you just want to scan your documents, convert to jpg or PDF and also share then you can just settle for the free version as long as you don't mind the non intrusive ads. But if you want a little bit more and you also want to get rid of the ads then you can just purchase the premium version.

Tiny Scanner: In this case the name does not actually translate to the ability of this app. Although it's called tiny Scan, believe me, this app is pretty great. One of those things you will quickly notice about this app is it's simplicity. The app is very easy to use and it does what you want it to do, which is scan and save as PDF.
Just like the other apps mentioned above, this app also has the ability to automatically detect the corners of any document you are scanning and you can also go ahead and manually adjust it.
It comes in both free and paid version. For the free version you can easily send scanned documents in PDF version via email, save it locally or save it in your gallery as JPEG. But if you want to integrate it with Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive then you might need to subscribe for the premium version.

Microsoft Office Lens: This app is from the tech giant, Microsoft and it's available for Android, iOS and windows platform.
The app is very easy to use. Once you launch it, you are automatically taking to the camera mode where you can scan your document.
One thing you will quickly notice about this app is how it tries to automatically recognize the edges of the document you are trying to scan and automatically adjust the perspective of the document even after you have finished taken the picture.
This app is absolutely free, you can save any scanned document as image on your phone, share it via your phone's native share options and also integrate with one note or one drive.

So guys there are five of the numerous list of scanning apps you can use on your smartphone. If you ask me which one is the best, I will rather tell you to test them all and choose for yourself as they are all great in different aspects.

Also if you can take out some of your time to explore other scanning apps available and let me know which one you prefer most and why by dropping your comment below.


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