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Mtn 4G LTE Data Plan Now Available, Check Out The Data Plan And Price

The telecommunication industry in Nigeria Is finally leaving the 3.75g network and moving over to the 4g LTE. Even though we currently have a lot of internet service providers in Nigeria at the moment who offer 4g service but one thing they all have in common is that their network coverage is only limited to a few number of States.
Mtn already announced it a long time ago that they will be introducing their own 4g LTE network in the country. And just like most of you already thought, this is intended to go round the whole country unlike the other 4g service available. But contrary to what many of you might be thinking, mtn won't use thier normal 3G data plan rate for the new 4G service as they are introducing a new data plan rate entirely.

So if you need the extra speed, then you must be ready to pay some extra cash for that. Below is the list of Mtn 4G data plan and the price.

100MB for N500 (7days validity)
150MB for N499 (daily)
200MB for N1000 (30days validity)
Unlimited data for N36,999 (30 days 24/7)
42GB for 12Months N66499
10GB for N6000 (30 days validity)
15GB for N10,000 (30 days validity)
How To subscribe for the MTN 4G Data Plans >>Just make sure you have sufficient airtime.
>>Dial *444# and choose your preferable plan.

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