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Latest Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak

The Glo N0.00 unlimited browsing is still blazing as ever before. Aside the frequent disconnecting issue that a lot of people faces, this tweak still remains arguably the best and also the longest lasting tweak we have had this year.
Although the old settings is still working, but am just going to share the latest settings with you guys, hopefully this will help reduce the frequent disconnecting. In this particular post i will be using syphon shield. But any other similar VPN like psiphon or psiphon lite should also work.

Download the syphon shield v3.1.3 from this LINK.
==> Configure your phone's APN Settings as shown below.
=» APN:glounlimitedzone or glosecure
=» APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Skip the rest and save

==> Install and open the Sypon Shield, then configure it as shown below:
=» Filter: @
=» Add Port or non-Port URL: 9201
=» Tick Remove Port
=» Proxy Type: Real Host

=» Proxy Server: redirect.glo.com
=» Real Proxy Server Type: Inject or Socks
=» Real Proxy Server: his.glo.com/portal
=» Port: 8080

=» Skip the rest and save. 

=» select “tunnel whole device” from the pop-up that appears.
=» Click on the blue settings gear to access more options.
=» tick connect through HTTP Proxy.
=» tick use system settings.

After that, just go back and wait for a few seconds while it connects.

That's all guys.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post.


  1. Psipone speed reduces after 10mb download

    1. Am aware and that's the reason I suggested the new settings


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