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Google currently testing It's Android and Chrome OS Hybrid Code-named "Andromeda"

This is something Google has been planning for quite sometime but now it looks like it's finally a thing. Google is working on a new Operating System which be an integration of both the android OS and the chrome OS to form a kind of hybrid operating system and its code-named Andromeda.
Google might probably be planning more than just announcing their new series of smartphone and also new gadgets during the October 4th event, they might be planning more than what we are expecting such as the announcement of the new OS.

Base on reports, Google is currently testing out the new OS on the Nexus 9 as the minimum hardware score required is 8.0 which the Nexus 9 is qualified for as it is said to score up to 8.8. 

Apparently, this new OS is said to meet the needs of both smartphones and laptops, and a cross-platform as it will also be able to reach the new mixed platform, where we have a laptop and tablet.

There have really been lots of speculation and news about Google's big event which is coming up early next month and also talks on big announcements and also new gadgets to be released like the new smartphones such as Pixel and Pixel XL, a new 4K Chromecast and also a new portable but yet powerful Wi-fi router.

I guess the only thing we can do now is just to brave ourselves for the October 4th event where Google will finally clear the air on all the speculations floating around. But am very sure it will be a very great event.

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