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How To Set An Expiration Date For Google Drive Links

Google drive is a very popular and arguably one of the best cloud storage service you can get right now. Aside giving you the platform where you can easily group and organize your files, it also offers some web apps to help you manage your files better.
Even though Google gives you a bit of control over your files , there are still limitations to what you can do. For instance, since Google drive does not give you the ability to create temporary links, if you share a link publicly then anyone who has access to that link can download the file and you can't revoke it until you delete it. 

But fortunately with this simple script developed by Amit Agarwal, you can now revoke or create an expiration date to any Google drive link.

How To Create Expiration Date For Google Drive Links
=> First, click on this Link to open up the script and click on Review Permissions.

=> From the dialogue box that pops up, Click on allow to grant the script access to your Google account.

=> Click on open drive to access your files and folders.
=> Choose the file you want to create the link for and click on select.
=> Type the email(s) you want to grant access to and set the expiration.( You can input more than one email by separating then with a comma(,) sign.

=> After that just click on "Set expiration" and wait while the link is being created.

=> The link will be sent to the recipient via email.

Note: You can even revoke the link before it expires by clicking on "cancel" under your shared files.

That's all guys. I believe you have learnt something new today. If you have any question, just drop it in the comment box below and also don't forget to share this post on all your social media platforms.

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