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5 Different Ways To Permanently Get Rid Of Malware And Bloat wares On Your Android Smartphone

While your Android device might be immune to viruses, it is still very much exposed to lot of dangers such as bloat wares and malware. For some time now, Malware has proven to be one of android's worst enemy. 
An android device that gets infected by malware starts malfunctioning to the point that it gets almost useless.
Recently I posted two different articles on how to prevent your phone from getting infected and also ways to know if your phone has already been infected. And for the benefit of those who are already facing malware issues on their phone, I will be providing different methods to remove malware on your android smartphone.

Malware gets more advanced every day by day that now it's almost impossible to remove them by just uninstalling or performing a factory reset. Most times after successfully gaining access into your smartphone, this apps automatically roots your phone and makes itself a system app thereby becoming almost impossible to get rid of.

But not to worry, have made a compilation of different methods to completely get rid of bloat wares or malware on your smartphone.

==> 1. By uninstalling: As I said earlier this malware apps tries to root your phone and gain administrative access thereby becoming almost impossible to uninstall. But if you happen to detect it early then this method should work.
=> Reboot your phone into safe mode.
=> Go to your phone settings >> Apps >> All.
=> Search for any application that looks strange or any of your recently installed apps and uninstall them.
If the uninstall button is not highlighted and you are unable to click on it then the app has probably gained administrative access on your phone and it needs to be deactivated before you be able to uninstall it.

Follow the procedure below to deactivate it:
=> Go to phone settings >> Security >> Device administrators.
=> If you find any other app below "Android Device Manager" untick the box to deactivate. (Make sure you take note of the app's name).
=> Now go back to your app settings to uninstall the App.
That's all.

==> 2. Install An Anti malware: It's always important to have anti malware installed on your android device even if your smartphone is not infected yet. And also try to perform a regular scan at least once a week.
Stubborn trojan killer is very effective app for removing and also also detecting malware and bloat wares on your smartphone. But you can also check out other anti malware apps like avg, avast, 360 security, malwarebyte, Kaspersky or you can also check out this link.

==> 3. Using system application uninstaller: If none of the methods above works for you then there is a great chance the malware has already gained the highest authority on your smartphone and is now a system app.
So the best alternative is to download and install a system app uninstaller from playstore. The only problem is that your phone must be rooted before this method will work for you.
=> Make sure your phone is rooted.
=> Search for "system app remover (root)" from playstore and install.
=> Launch the app and grant it root permission.
=> Tick the system apps you want to uninstall and click the red uninstall button at the bottom.
*If you don't know the name of malware apps then run a virus scan on your phone with any anti malware to identify them.
=> Click on yes to confirm and wait while the app tries to uninstall the system apps.
=> If the process was successful then you should receive a confirmation message.
=> Just restart your phone afterwards.

==> 4. Manually Deleting the malware App: Although I expect the method above to easily uninstall the malware apps but if for any reason you get an error message then you will have to manually delete the apps from your phone's system folder.
But before you can manually delete the system app, you need to know the exact location. But this might be a bit difficult if you aren't much of a techy person. But don't worry though, I will show you a simple trick to know the exact path of the system app.
=> Launch the system app remover you downloaded earlier.
=> Tick on the three dot at the top right corner to display more options.
=> Tick "apk path" and press the back button.
=> Now you will see the app path or app location below every app.

How to manually delete system app
=> Search and download Root explorer from playstore.
=> Launch the app and grant it root permission.
=> Now navigate to the app folder of the app you want to delete.
=> Long click on the apk file to select it and click on the delete icon at the top of root explorer app to delete.
=> You will get a pop-up msg asking if you want to "remount as read-write". Just click on yes to continue.
=> That's all. You can go ahead and restart your phone.

Note: Using the 3rd and 4th method requires extra caution as deleting the wrong system file can affect your phone's operation thereby making it malfunction. The other best option will be to just freeze it.

==> 5. Freeze Suspected Apps: So to be on a more safer side, you can rather freeze the app rather than deleting it. So the app will still remain on your phone but won't function at all and you can easily unfreeze it if it affects your phone's performance.
=> First perform a full scan with an anti malware app to detect the unwanted app.
=> Download titanium backup pro.
=> Launch the app and tap on backup and restore.
=> Search for the suspected app and click on it.
=> Now click on freeze and restart your phone.

So guys have posted five different methods to permanently get rid of those annoying malware and bloatwares. I know this post is a bit long and it might be a bit confusing for those who are new to stuffs like this .

So if you have any question, feel free to drop them in the comment box below and i will try to help out. Also don't forget to share this post.

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