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You Can Now Share PDF Documents On the Latest WhatsApp v2.12.493

WhatsApp which is one the most popular social messaging app with over 1 billion users has just released a new feature in its Latest update for both iOS and Android users. In this new update you can now share documents.

Gone are the days when you are only limited to sharing media files, contacts. And location only. Now you can as well share documents through your WhatsApp. Although only PDF files are currently supported but we are hoping that more other file formats will be supported in the nearest feature.

If you update your WhatsApp to the latest version you will notice that some of the share icons has been replaced. Video and photo icons have now been replaced with documents and camera. Which means if You want to share either video or photo, what you just have to do is to click on the camera icon, then select either take a picture or video.

How Does The WhatsApp Document Sharing Work?
==> First you have to click on the share ICON at the top right.
==> Select the document icon and it will show you the list of all the  whole PDF files on your phone.
==> After that just select the particular PDF file you want to share.

==> If you are sending to an individual, the person must have updated his/her WhatsApp.
==> If you are sending to a group then all the group members must have updated their WhatsApp.
==> Note that you are allowed to share files in PDF format only.
==> The upload limit still remains 16mb.
That's all!!

So let me know what you guys feel about this latest development in the comment box Below.

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