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Latest Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat with Gantech VPN PRO - November 2021

Many of us have been enjoying the Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat for a couple of months until recently when it actually stopped working on all pretty much all VPNs.

The goods news is that the cheat hasn't been blocked yet and it only stopped working due to issues with the host and fortunately, that has been fixed on a whole lot of VPNs already, one of which is the Gantech VPN PRO.

The Gantech VPN PRO works like most of the other VPNs out there. It is very easy to setup, it is totally free and it is also fast. I will be sharing a detailed guide below on how to setup the latest Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat with Gantech VPN PRO.

How to setup Glo unlimited Free Browsing Cheat with EC Tunnel Pro VPN
  • Ntel 4G SIM.
  • Gantech VPN Pro App: Download Here or Here

How to Configure:
  • Download and install the Gantech VPN Pro App from any of the links provided above.
  • Launch the App and wait for a few seconds for the tweaks to update (Note: You will need active data to update the tweak).
  • For both the server and tweak, Select "Ntel UNLIMITED".

  • After that, just tap on the Start button to connect.

That's all. If you have any question to ask, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. Please how I can I make it work with WhatsApp calls?


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