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WhatsApp users can now transfer chats and data between Android and iOS devices

 There have been multiple rumours that WhatsApp is working on a way to make it possible to move chats between iOS and Android devices. Now, that is finally coming to a past as WhatsApp has confirmed that users will now be able to migrate between iOS and Android devices without losing their chats.

This newly added feature was announced at the Samsung unpack event that took place few days ago where both the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and the Galaxy Flip 3 were announced. For now, this feature is exclusive to just the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and the Flip 3 as iOS users will now be able to transfer their chats to the new devices.

The feature is however expected to rollout to other Samsung devices running on Android 10 and above in the coming weeks before finally making its way to other Android devices from other manufacturers as well as other Android versions.

The transfer can only be done offline as users will be required to physically connect both phones together using the USB Type C to lightning cable. This will work for only one of your backups as you won't be able to merge multiple chat backups.

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