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How to power all App with the Glo YouTube data plan using Thunder VPN App

Glo has its special YouTube data plan which allows you to watch YouTube videos for a particular duration. There are different Glo YouTube data plans like the one of 500MB with 1 hour duration and the other of 1.5GB data with 3 hours duration.

Since this are YouTube plans, they are designed to work for YouTube only, but in this post, I will be sharing a very simple guide on how to power all your apps with the YouTube data plan through thunder VPN.

Thunder VPN is free with minimal ads and it's very easy to configure. Just follow the steps below for the full detailed guide.

How to use the YouTube data plan for all apps using thunder VPN
  • Glo YouTube data plan (To subscribe, dial *777# >> Data >> Buy Data >> Social Bundle >> YouTube Bundle >> Select the plan you want
  • Thunder VPN App: Download Here

How to Configure:
  • Subscribe for either the 1 hour or 3 hours Glo YouTube data plan by following the guide above.
  • Download and install the thunder VPN
  • Launch the App and click on connect
  • Once the App has connected, just minimise and start browsing.
  • That's all guys.

If you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section below. Also, don't forget to share this post on your various social media platforms.

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  1. Is this applicable to other network too?

    1. confirmed with airtel only, but you can give it a shot.

  2. Is there no any settings on Thunder VPN to avoid the data being deducted after connected using glo data

    1. The post says use Youtube data, not your regular data.

    2. Let me rephrase my question for your understanding.

      "I don't want my YouTube data to be deducted after a connection using Thunder/Psiphon VPN"

      Sorry, I had to chip in Psiphon VPN here which is out of the topic.

    3. The post is on how to use the Youtube data for other Apps, not how to prevent your network from deducting it.

  3. Is still working.

  4. But bros why is the VPN not on playstore?


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