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How to check if your PC Supports Windows 11 minimum requirements

Microsoft has already released its latest version of the Windows operating system and that is the Windows 11. The newly announced Windows 11 shares a lot of similarities with the current Windows 10 except for a few minor UI changes.

Some of the changes of the new Windows 11 includes rounded corners, improved dark mode, taskbar and Windows start button now at the middle of the screen and a few other changes. The major change in the Windows 11 that has got a lot of people talking is the system requirements.

One of the requirements for the new Windows 11 will render most of the system currently running Windows 10 incompatible. In other to meet the minimum requirements and successfully install Windows 11 on your Windows PC, your CPU must support TPM 2.0 or above. And this can only be found on Intel 8th Gen CPUs from late 2017 and above, as well as newer AMD CPUs.

A lot of people however don't know how to check for the full requirements on their PC as Microsoft PC health doesn't really show it in details. Good news however is that a Developer Robert C. Maehl has just released a small program called WhyNotWin11 which will help you check if your PC Supports the new version of Windows or not. And if it doesn't, it will show you which of your hardware doesn't.

How to check if your Pc supports Windows 11 minimum requirements
  • Download the App from this Link.
  • Double click to run the App.
  • It will show you if your PC's hardware meets the Windows 11 minimum requirements.

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