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How to Export and Import GCam Xml Config files

Google Camera, also known as GCam is pretty popular this days. Google initially released the Google Camera app for its pixel line of smartphones in other to give it the best image quality due to its advance image processing. The App is not open source and it is only officially available for Pixel phones only.
There are however a whole lot of smartphone this days that makes use of the Gcam app and this is made possible by Developers like BSG, Bulkin043, San1ty and a whole lot of others that were able to port the App and make it available for other smartphones.

With GCam, you can do a whole lot like taking great portrait shots, Night pictures, Slow Mo videos, HDR+ images and many more. With GCam, you can even manually tweak the camera settings to your own satisfaction as well as export your config in form of Xml to share with friends or just for future purposes. In this post, I will show you how to easily export and import config files on GCam.

Uses of Config files on GCam
  • To quickly switch between the best settings for low light and day light;
  • Use recommended settings from devs/other users for your phone;
  • Move between versions without losing your settings;
  • Keep unstable features enabled on one config but disabled on another;

How to Export .xml Config files on GCam
  • Launch the GCam App and go to your settings.
  • Tap on Save settings (If you can't find it, check Advance Settings, or About Page).
  • Give it your preferred name (e.g config.xml) and save.
  • Your configuration will be saved in the configs folder which is /GCam/Configs/ for Gcam 6.x and /GCam/Configs7/ for GCam 7.x.
  • You can use the saved config file on other GCam versions that support this feature and have similar settings. You can also share it with other users.

How to Import Config Files on GCam
  • First, you have to create the GCam configs folder.
  • For GCam 6.x, open your file manager and create a folder called GCam then open it and create another folder inside called Configs (/GCam/Configs/)
  • For GCam 7.x, open your file manager and create a folder called GCam then open it and create another folder inside called Configs (/GCam/Configs7/)
  • After that, copy the .xml config file to the newly created config folder.
  • Launch the Gcam app and tap on the empty black space at the bottom twice.
  • Select the config file and click on restore.
  • Your GCam app should restart.
  • If it doesn't, then try importing it again.

That's all guys. If you have any question to ask kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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