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Google Assistant can now read and reply messages from third party apps like WhatsApp, telegram

Until now, saying "read my messages" on Google assistant will allow it read out your text messages and even give you the option to either type out your reply or dictate it. This feature was however limited to just text messages only and not extended to other third party messaging apps.
Now, Google has started rolling out a new update to the Google assistant which will let it read out and reply messages on the default messaging app as well as third part messaging apps like Whatsap, telegram, Facebook, messenger etc.

To get started, call up Google assistant and ask it to "read my messages".  You will receive a pop-up asking you to grant it permission after which it will start reading out all your messaging from various apps including the sender's name and the app the message is coming from. 
You will also see a visual card which will show you the preview of the messages and you will have the option to either type out or dictate your reply.

This new feature will however only read out text messages, so any message containing any media like photo, audio or video will not be read or played out, messenger will just tell you that "the message just contains an audio attachment."

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