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Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Fold will be re-launched in September

Samsung was supposed to launch it's first foldable smartphone which is the Galaxy fold on April 26 but that was put on hold as multiple issues arose from review units sent out to influencers.
Some influencers peeled off the outermost plastic film layer of the foldable display which they thought was a screen protector and that rendered the display useless, others managed to get debris under the display layer through the opening at the top of the hinge while some other units just stopped working for no reason.

Samsung was forced to recall all review units, cancel pre-orders and refund customers. Now Samsung has made some hardware changes which the company believes will fix all the vulnerabilities found in the Galaxy fold and the device is now expected to launch in September of this year 2019.

Some of the changes made includes restrengthening the top and bottom part of the hinge as well as adding protective caps to openings in other to prevent debris from getting under the display. 

The outermost protective layer which was mistaken for a removable screen protector has now been extended underneath the display bezels in other to prevent users from mistakenly peeling it off. The space between the hinge and the body when the phone is closed has also been reduced.

The price is expected to still remain $1,980 for the 4G version while the 5G version will cost $2130. Huawei is expected to release its own foldable smartphone which is the Mate X in September also and unlike the galaxy fold that folds inward, the Mate X folds outward and it will cost $2,600.

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