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Download RC YoWhatsApp v7.90 APK (RC YoWA) Latest Version for Download (Anti-ban) (2019)

Just like GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp, RC YoWhatsApp is another modded version version of WhatsApp with a lot more functionality. This App is created by a Spanish developer known as  Richar Correa and it's based on the popular YO WhatsApp but with many more features and improvements.
RC YoWa offers you a pure iOS based user interface and it also supports themes so you can modify it to your personal preference. It also gives you the option to hide your viewed status as well as password lock your WhatsApp application. Since the App can run alongside your Stock WhatsApp, you can run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Features Of RC YoWhatsApp RC YoWa

  • Exclusive profile picture in the Home.
  • New entrys and New ticks.
  • New png For Rcyowa Glax material Icon.
  • new UI retouched for RcYowa ios.
  • New scroll style in the list of the Home in the RcYowa glax.
  • Drawing thematics in universal options.
  • Now it is thematized more than the previous version.
  • Color navbar icons 2.1.1 and icons of the toolbar in general in the Home.
  • Icons for attachment iOS 3.1.39.
  • Pick cover photo to drawer 1.1.7.
  • New design of settings and profile information style android foot.
  • Now available first package com.wa – and second package com.rcyowa.

  • Stories 
  • Styles of different drawer for every home
  • Navigation button 
  • Search bar 
  • New styles of home
  • Home style iOS improved home style Glax, Messenger new UI, Home UI concept, Google messenger, Home material
  • Blur Effect: navigation bar, toolbar, background of stories, drawer, text input 
  • You can now use color gradients header and button Fab 
  • Redesigned SELECTOR emoji 
  • Emojis one V4.5 Glax 
  • Emojis IOS 12.1 RICES 
  • New text entrances, new bubbles

  • Show or hide the group call icon
  • DND Mode: Turn off internet for WhatsApp added to the drawer
  • New menu button Quick settings 
  • New design group information or contact
  • New design of audio recording
  • Counter fully iOS 
  • Entry and bubbles iOS  

Tips and tips:
  • To enable blur effect leave the color in transparent 
  • To put cover photo in the drawer leave transparent the option 1.1.12 drawer background (header) and then use the option 1.1.11 
  • After the installation give all the permissions to the application 
  • In the messenger drawer new ui and Home Material This disabled put cover photo in the drawer 
  • For the MOD RC IOS, if you have a cell phone of 4 " or 5 "it is recommended to use the RC GLAX OR LOWER THE DPI OF YOUR SCREEN.

Download RC YoWa (RC YoWhatsApp) 7.90
Rc YoWa is available in 2 package names which are "com.Wa" and "com.RCYOWA"

com.WA: This uses the same package name as stock WhatsApp and it will replace stock on your phone. So you must uninstall your original WhatsApp before you install this package (its available in Glax and iOS version)

com.RCYOWA: This can be installed alongside your stock WhatsApp in other to login more than on account on the same phone (it's also available in Glax and iOS variants)

RC YoWa (com.WA): 

RC YoWa (com.RCYOWA): 

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