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Download Latest YoWhatsApp (YoWa) V7.96 APK for Android 2019 (New Anti-Ban)

YoWhatsApp has always been one of the best modded WhatsApp available. With mod WhatsApp like YoWa, GbWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp etc, you get way more features than you get on the stock APP. YoWhatsApp gives you the option to theme and personalize your WhatsApp UI, upload longer WhatsApp status videos, download WhatsApp status videos and pictures, hide your last seen and many more.
WhatsApp has however recently started cracking down on Mod WhatsApps users by banning user's account temporarily. Both GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp created an Anti-ban version but that didn't stop WhatsApp from detecting and banning mod users. Now, the developer of YoWhatsApp has just released a new version which is the YoWhatsApp V7.96 with a new Anti-ban feature with 99.9% fail proof.

Before installing this new version, it is advisable to backup your chats and uninstall any previous version of YoWhatsApp on your phone.

Changelog YoWhatsApp V7.96
• [Base Update] Base Update 2.19.150
• [Exclusive] Anti-BAN.

Important note, if you have been banned before:1- Take Chats Backup2- Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first3- Install V7.96 and Verify number again.

• [Exclusive] Exclusive Status Splitter ✂️, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts 🎞️
• [Added] Missing Old emojis (iOS)
• [Enabled] Ignore Archived chats (Settings > Notifications)
• [Enabled] Frequently forwarded tag on messages forwarded 5+ times
• [Enabled] See how many times you forwarded a message (Select > info)
• [Improved] Anti-ban measures
• [Improved] Performance and reduced lag
• [Improved] Faster opening app time
• [Fixed] Anti-delete Status/Messages option not disabling
• [Fixed] Hidden chats show in widget
• [Fixed] Random crashes when a notification arrives
• [ALERT]🗑️ Delete message time back to: 1hr 30 mins 🚫
• [ALERT] Forward limit back to: 5
• [Removed] 5-minute status option

YoWhatsApp Download Links:

* YoWhatsApp [com.whatsapp] :  Download HERE or  HERE

* YoWhatsApp [com.yowa]  Download HERE or HERE

*YoWhatsApp [com.yowa2]  Download HERE or HERE

    YoWhatsApp Package Name and meaning:


    ** This will replace your Stock WhatsApp app
    **This version may not work on your Samsung devices 


      ** This version works on all phones including Samsung devices
      ** You can install this version alongside the 1st one (com.whatsapp) if you want to run two whatsappp accounts on the same phone


        ** This version works on all smartphones except Samsung Galaxy S5,6,7,8,9 – Note 4,5,7,8
        **  If you want to run three WhatsApp accounts (numbers) on the same phone then install this version alongside the other two.

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