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Xiaomi sends the Redmi Note 7 to space for a Photoshoot

Xiaomi has put the redmi note 7 through a lot of weird and unusual durability test just to prove how durable the smartphone is. This includes breaking a watermelon with the phone, using the screen as a board for cutting fruit as well as being tromped on by a group of people.
Now, Xiaomi has just taken the durability test to a whole new level by proving that the redmi note 7 would not just survive on earth but also in space. Xiaomi's CEO, Lei Jun recently shared a video on his official weibo account showing the redmi note 7 being sent to space with the help of a weather balloon and a 3D printed rig.

The phone reached a height of 35km and a temperature of minus -58 degrees Celsius (-72 degrees Fahrenheit) before the balloon popped and the phone fell back to earth. The phone was however able to take a couple of pictures with its 48MP interpolated rear camera and some of them are available on Xiaomi's official twitter account.
The Redmi Note 7 was launched earlier this year with a 6.3-inch display, it is powered by Qualcomm's midrange Snapdragon 660 chipset. It has a dual rear camera setup with a primary 48MP sensor and a 5MP depth sensor. The phone come with a 4000mAh battery and support for QC 4.0 fast charging.

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